decoration2 Frame Restoration

The conservation and restoration of frames is the process through which picture frames are preserved. Frame conservation and restoration usually includes general cleaning of the frame, as well as in depth processes such as replacing damaged ornamentation, gilding and toning.

The purpose of restoring frames is two-fold. Frames function to protect and support the artwork as well as to visually enhance the item.  They also help us appreciate and understand its role as it relates to the history of the painting.Original frames are often considered museum objects in their own right. As such, frames are subject to wear and tear in their functional roles as a protective component of the art.

Regular activities that require the handling of artwork and their frames, such as exhibition, storage, travel, and everyday cleaning leave the frame susceptible to damage. From the smallest repairs and cleaning to major structural reconstruction, our frame conservator has a decades of experience and expertise.  Call or stop by the shop for more details.